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This is just some 10 years old experimental concept work, which as the last word says just works, it's a toy which I use to make my Echo1 relay a bit prettier, which code is from when I had started learning Lua and that a few annoying fellows one of which is fugata bugged me to clean up.

Few disclaimers:

  • It uses Metronome API, eventually porting it to Prosody is your bussness
  • Don't ask me about the code for Riddim because it's clunky beyond repair and I have no idea where to start to clean it up
  • You'll have to figure the rest yourself
  • I'm not supporting it, nor could mantain it
  • I don't wanna hear a single word about it
  • And I better don't see a single issue about it (perhaps it won't go on GitHub)

... Or I'll cut you to pieces whoever you are. And by the way, I have pinned a "fugata" sticker on my black list.